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The stumbly tale of a rockin' old cat

Rear leg may be gone but he doesn't half-ass it.

The stumbly tale of a rockin' old cat

Day 4 of rockin’ out with his tripod out

November 18th, 2012 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

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Day 4 is Day 2 without meds and I think Xerox has taken on my philosophy on pain: sleep until it’s gone.

There has been no repeat of yesterday’s freak out (thank goodness) and his appetite is still pretty good but he’s a lot less active. Although, now that I think about it…his activity level is about the same as it was pre-op. I mean…he’s 15-yrs-old.ย  :/ He’s got this cynical sort ofย  malaise going on…you know…cat.

Cleaning his wound was a bit of a challenge for the first time today. There was a lot of flinching and whining and “OMG I’m Sorry!”-ing (that last part was me, as if he could tell).

One major milestone (and it was like dropping a stone) this morning: Poooooooo! One hard little nugget made it’s way from his bum and I couldn’t be happier. It took all of my will power to not take a picture and share it on Facebook.

Pain-wise I can tell he’s uncomfortable but I wonder how much worse it is than his super-swollen-omg-it’s-gonna-pop-anyday-run-for-cover foot was. I hate seeing him like this but at least I know that, unlike the foot, this pain will eventually go away.

Today I also learned that Neosporin is NOT good for kittehs. Apparently it has zinc and if he licks too much of it, he’ll get even more sicky-woo than he already is so I’m not going to use that anymore (even though the pain/itch relief I’m sure will be missed).

Another thing I learned today? The smallest dog cone-of-shame that the PetCo employee told me would fit my cat is, in fact, too small. Good thing it doesn’t look like I’ll need it.

As far as licking goes, he still hasn’t gone for the gash. He licks everything else, washes his face and paws and whatnot. My friend (and vet’s daughter/office mgr…let’s call her ‘M’) says grooming is a good sign – it shows he’s trying to be normal and not saying “F-it! I give up!” (insert Eye of the Tiger here)

The hubster found a bottle of Vitamin E oil at Publix which M swears by so I’m going to try a bit of that with some Aquaphor (which the all-powerful Google has told me is OK). When I brave the store tomorrow after work I’ll find some petroleum jelly to use instead just in case.

And there it is…that dreaded 4-lettered word….I have to go back to work tomorrow and end the constant vigil that has been Xerox Watch 2012.

Holy crap I’m not ready.

Notice I said *I’m* not ready. He’s just hunky-dory. He spent the past 2 days sleeping.ย  As far as he’s concerned, he’ll pass out, wake up and I’ll probably still be in his face checking out his belly-gash. (Cuz’ that’s what it looks like – a big belly gash. So gross.)

I should also mention I have another feline in the fold. Fawkes is a 2 (almost 3)-yr old long haired something-or-another. Manx? Maybe. Whatever he is, he’s a bully but he’s shown almost no interest in Xerox OR his drama since he’s been back from finding out Vader was his father and having his leg light-sabered off. Maybe it’s the smell of the Neosporin or the sheer ugliness of it all, but Fawkes has gone from “Ooh, your butt looks like something I’d like to bite” to “Ew…get away from me leper” which is just fine with Xerox AND me.

Fawkes is the resident kitty slipper for all foot warming needs

One little incident popped up tonight as we all were exercising our glutes by pushing down couch cushions. Fawkes jumped up and in my effort to keep his fat butt from bumping Xerox, my arm bumped his stump instead. His head shot upย  and he let out a hiss I haven’t heard since Fawkes first came to live with us almost a year ago. And it was aimed AT FAWKES. Sooooo….I did what any honest person would do and shoved Fawkes off the couch saying “Bad kitty! Aww, poor Xerox! Did mean kitty bump you! Oh, there, there!” (pet,stroke, purr)

Thanks a LOT, Mom.

Now it’s almost bed time and I have to put on my big-grrl panties and leave him alone tomorrow. Oy veh. This is gonna suck.


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  • cldavis

    I’m SOO glad you started a blog too!!!! Hurray! As soon as I figure out how the heck to “follow” it, I’m gonna do it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The weirdest things are bad for cats, like grapes, and raisins, and gummy candy, onion powder, and now Neosporin. Ya learn something new every day. I’m glad you found out before too long! I wish I could have warned you, but like I said, I’ve got pretty much a “leave it alone” philosophy, so I never put anything on Fang’s incision, whether that’s a good thing or not.

    He will be perfectly fine when you leave him tomorrow! Don’t be too worried (though I know that’s totally impossible). I would maybe separate the cats when you’re gone though… you wouldn’t want a little spat to turn into a big problem.

    And LOL to blaming the other kitty! I wish I could have blamed anyone else when Fang looked at me all nut-ball like after he hurt himself on the bed one of the first nights. Eh, they get over it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Welcome to the community!!

  • perfectascats

    Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad you turned me on to this because it’s really helping get through the stress of worrying and feeling awful for him. I think it will also be a great way to keep all of my thoughts on the process straight – my memory is awful! I had to 2nd guess myself yesterday: Did I give him his antibiotics? (I had) Whew! haha

  • cldavis

    Haha, no problem! It really helped me a lot too, you know, just to put things down and get them out. I’m so glad it’s doing the same for you. Plus, you will be helping a lot of other people who’ll find your page when they’re all freaked out about their kitties! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • cldavis

    Hey, so I’m dying to know! How are things going now? Has he still had similar issues?

    • perfectascats

      Hey! I’m sorry I haven’t replied until now. For some reason the site marked your comment as spam and then never sent me an email saying it was there! (Lame)

      Anyway – yeah – this is why I’ve resisted blogging all these years (even when my boss told me I should). I’m AWFUL at updating! What with Turkey day and family and work and now watching over cancer cat – oy veh.

      I’m updating the blog NOW! ๐Ÿ™‚ Stay tuned! xoxo

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